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Check out  BACKTOTHERIVER.CA  for more information

Check out BACKTOTHERIVER.CA for more information

Did you know?

  • Out of 5 finalists, Civitas & Stantec were announced as the winning team of the Back to the River design competition after presenting their design proposal to the public, giving Londoners a view of what the future could hold.

Donation receipt available for supporting this change maker!

  • The winners will be awarded a design contract with the City for for an inaugural SoHo neighbourhood project at the Forks of the Thames.
  • Back to the River envisions you will soon be able to stroll down Dundas Place, past the new Museum Plaza with its outdoor dining and events be treated to a totally new experience as you stroll on "The Ribbon Bridge."
  • Below The Ribbon will be the "Cove," a continuously accessible terraced area for events, gatherings and relaxing at the river in Ivey Park.

The need...

The Thames River is the heart of London: past, present and future. A heritage river tied to our region's identity, we believe the Thames River has the power to bring our community together. That's why we're taking London Back to the River.

The importance of waterways has become a serious urban development and economic renewal tool for hundreds of municipalities. The Back to the River project addresses a need to mobilize the community, build a sense of belonging, while also tackling challenges facing economic development and the environment. London Community Foundation was looking for one significant and transcendent opportunity that could play a part in bringing Londoners and their region together in new and meaningful ways, and Back to the River is what resulted; the greater interest that has been expressed over its possibilities hint that a new sense of belonging might be just around the corner.

Back to the River is a community mobilization initiative spearheaded by London Community Foundation in partnership with the City of London and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. Through an International design competition, the initiative will revitalize a five kilometre stretch of the river radiating from the Forks in three directions: north to the intersection of Oxford Street bridge and the Thames River, west to the Wharncliffe Road Bridge and south to the intersection of the London to Port Stanley railway bridge and Thames River.

Striving to enhance community quality of life, environmental and economic development, the goal is simple: give Londoners a place to work, to play and call home. Give Londoners a place that brings the entire community together.

How you can help...

The London Community Foundation is raising funds for this important project that has the power to catalyze community change.

By participating in the  Earmark Initiative, you can make a substantial financial donation to the Back to the River Project at no cost to you - and you can even get a charitable donation receipt!   How?  With every home purchase or sale, 20% of your REALTOR®'s commission is earmarked for donation to the "change maker" of your choice.