Earmark Impact Areas

Change makers are all around us; their efforts build community where we live, work and play.

The Earmark Initiative strategically targets 3 key areas of impact and dedicates funds from your real estate transaction to be donated to the work of your favourite change maker.

$3000 of $10,000 raised

Great Neighbourhoods & Neighbours

We build community when we know and care for our neighbours and the neighbourhood we share; as we come together for block parties, movies in the park or porch concerts, we build relationships that strengthen our ties to the people and places in our neighbourhood and build the capacity to organize and respond to important community issues.

$3000 of $10,000 raised

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

We build community when local small businesses thrive and we can walk to shop and work close to home; as we frequent local shops and contribute to the local economy, we support innovative social entrepreneurs whose businesses add to the richness and sustainability of our neighbourhoods and also provide meaningful work opportunities for all.

$3000 of $10,000 raised

Fostering a Vibrant,Caring City

We build community when our city streets and public spaces are abuzz with activity rich in art, culture, and culinary diversity; as we gather to enjoy the beauty of our river and heritage buildings or stroll along our streets meeting old friends and new, we become part of a community that is vibrant and offers enriching experiences for all.