Neighbourhood  Associations

Did you know?

  • London has over 23 Neighbourhood Associations 
  • Three London neighbourhoods have won national recognition in the “Best Neighbourhood” category of “Great Places in Canada” contest - Woodfield (2012 & 2016), Old South/Wortley Village (2013) and Old East Village (2014)
  • Each of these winning neighbourhoods has a thriving Neighbourhood Association – an organized and engaged group of resident volunteers working together to make their neighbourhood a great place to live.
  • Active Neighbourhood  Associations contribute thousands of volunteer hours to improve their quality of place –  things like organizing block parties, movies in the park, and festivals; community gardens and tree planting; community safety audits; walking, biking and other social clubs; and attending meetings to give their neighbourhood a powerful, united voice on important community issues. And they do all this work on a shoestring budget.

The need...

While volunteerism and giving back to their community is at the heart the group’s very purpose and success, leaders and champion volunteers often find themselves burning out or feeling obligated to take on more than they can comfortably handle.

Neighbourhood Associations typically rely on fundraising events, corporate donations, and grants to carry out their important work, but these all take an enormous amount of volunteer hours and can still result in funding shortfalls causing projects to be scaled back, cancelled or worse - not even dreamed of.

How you can help...

Neighbourhood  Associations, like other not for profits, are exploring new and innovative ways to raise the funds needed to start, continue and/or expand their important community building work.

By choosing an Earmark realtor, you get an exceptional real estate experience AND can make a substantial financial donation to a deserving neighbourhood association at no cost to you - and you may even be able receive a charitable donation receipt!  How?  With every home purchase or sale, 20% of your REALTOR®'s commission is earmarked for donation to the "change maker" of your choice.  

Ready to make a move and want to make a difference?


I Love Thorndale (ILT) is a dynamic community group created to foster collaboration and communication between Thorndale's many outstanding service groups, clubs, businesses and its residents, officially referred to as "Thorndalians".  These folks are stirring up some serious fun and community spirit.     Find out more....