One of London’s most vibrant and walkable neighbourhoods – it stands out as a true gem.

This neighbourhood is filled with tree-lined streets, charming heritage homes where front porches rule, and the place is abuzz all year long with festivals, arts and entertainment events and best of all – friendly neighbours who care intensely about their community.

In the fall, be prepared to get “spooked”. There is a Halloween Bicycle Ride with prizes for best costumes, scarecrows are popping up everywhere (thanks to a community organized contest), and you just might get “Ghosted” – a neighbourhood sanctioned prank that is a cross between Secret Santa and Nicky Nicky Nine Doors.    

And that’s not all. Whether you are a resident or just visiting, this neighbourhood is LOADED with neighbourhood gems and things to do...

Tourism London presents Old East Village -  the people, unique businesses and culture that make up this great neighbourhood.


Best of all, these gems are within walking distance of the core, making Old East Village one of London’s most walkable neighbourhoods. And did you know that “walkability” has increasingly become a significant attribute in increasing a neighbourhood’s home overall appeal and quality of life?

With the revitalization of this wonderful neighbourhood already underway, along with exciting future plans for this distinctive culinary and entertainment district, it's no wonder the popularity of Old East Village continues to grow – making it a gem of a neighbourhood in which to live, work, shop and play.

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