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ReForest London

ReForest London is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with our community to enhance environmental and human health in the Forest City through the benefits of trees.

Founded in 2005, ReForest London is remarkable at getting things done with annual tree numbers comparable to some national tree planting organizations. Their accomplishments are impressive and they are a passionate team who strive for maximum impact. 


Did you know?

Trees build better neighbourhoods and positively impact our lives in so many ways:

A #treemoments video from Steph who thinks of a house and a tree.
  • create safer more walkable streets and neighbourhoods

  • provide privacy and reduce noise

  • save energy by lowering heating and cooling costs

  • increase your property value – up to 20% more!

  • clean the air we breathe

  • help filter water and assist in rain runoff

  • provide cooling shade

  • improve mental health and reduce stress

  • add beauty and interest to any area

The need...

As the largest environmental non-profit in London, ReForest London has the ability to make a real impact in the Forest City. Take a look at what they do:

  • Plant trees in schoolyards, neighbourhoods and parks

  • Provide tree and seedling giveaways for local residents

  • Naturalize and restore the Forest City

  • Educate children and community members about the important role trees play

  • Support and care for newly-planted trees to ensure healthy, vibrant trees

  • Support of science- and research-based initiatives

  • Promote an active, passionate and devoted community

  • Create a healthy, sustainable London, which is good for everyone!

How you can help...

By participating in the  Earmark Initiative, you can make a substantial financial donation to ReForest London that will make you a key part of creating a multi-generational leafy legacy for our community.   How?  If you are buying or selling your home,  20% of your REALTOR®'s commission can be earmarked for donation to ReForest London.




Together with other Earmark investors, your donation grows and becomes part of a movement driving our city forward to achieve great things.

Use the slider to estimate the difference your home purchase or sale could make!