About Earmark

We are champions of "change makers" doing amazing work in our neighbourhoods; be it volunteers in community organizations bringing neighbours together,  social entrepreneurs who care as much about people as the bottom line, or collaborative teams leading "big projects" that, when done right, will transform our city.  

Earmark is an initiative of Marla Marnoch - Sales Representative at STREETCITY REALTY Brokerage Inc. - a long time entrepreneur and community developer turned Realtor®. The Earmark Initiative marks the beginning of an exciting new venture - a social enterprise that uses revenue earned from real estate commissions to invest in the fabric of our neighbourhoods by supporting the work of champion "change makers".  

  The Earmark Initiative-proudly a recipient of Verge Capital -   Social Enterprise support.  

The Earmark Initiative-proudly a recipient of Verge Capital - Social Enterprise support. 

What makes Earmark a social enterprise?   In addition to being committed to delivering an exceptional real estate experience, we are also committed to achieving specific social outcomes and these social outcomes are an integral part of the business plan.  They are tracked and measured on par with the financial bottom line and their achievement is a critical measure of business success. 

The Earmark Initiative strategically targets 3 key areas of community impact:

  • building great neighbourhoods
  • supporting local entrepreneurship
  • fostering a vibrant, caring city

I can't do this alone! I'm partnering with exceptional like-minded REALTORS® to make this happen. And when you're ready to make a move, I'll introduce you my amazing partners. Together, we deliver an exceptional real estate experience AND build an exceptional London at the same time.

Meet Marla.


As a proud Londoner, I’m committed to building vibrant communities that we can all be proud to call our own. So many hidden gems are found in the diverse and unique neighbourhoods all around us, and it is my passion to explore these fantastic places that are ideal for Londoners to live, work and play. With my background in Urban Planning and Community Development, there’s a level of excitement I share with community partners as we work together to strengthen London neighbourhoods and shape the future of this exceptional city.

 Marla with Mary Johnson and Costa Poulopoulos - owners of StreetCity Realty Brokerage.

Marla with Mary Johnson and Costa Poulopoulos - owners of StreetCity Realty Brokerage.

It's very important to me to be affiliated with a brokerage that supports my passion for this city, commitment to service excellence and vision of our industry's future. That’s why I chose to join StreetCity Realty, a distinctive real estate brokerage built upon a proven culture of superior customer service, collaboration and professionalism.


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